Counsel, thank you for Episode 3 of Courtside & the deep dive into your successful oral argument tactics on the Moore v. Harper victory for your clients & all of us.

FYI, I posted on Substack the fact that I filed a complaint on the easy to fill out "contact" macro at the Colorado AG, Philip J. Weiser's official website & URL.

I asked tbe AG to fulfil his promise to challenge the 303 Creative LLC ruling & to focus on an 'outcome deternative' motion within 25 days of the Gorsuch Opinion.

Another thing, I suggested to Colorado they hire this appellate attorney that has has already handled 50 cases at SCOTUS.

Very respectfully,

Bryan Sean McKown 7/5/23

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I’m very glad to read this. I’m anxious to hear Neal’s thoughts.

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Many thanks Neal Katyal and Katie Couric for your wisdom and outreach.

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I read this when it first was released but it took me awhile to comment. It’s a very sensitive subject for me☺️

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Awesome read Neal! Really enjoyed you and Katie. Very interesting subject and was anxious to hear what you were going to talk about regarding Genomics. I personally had genetic testing done last year. I lost a few of my older sisters to different cancers, one being colon cancer. My doctors at Mayo Clinic suggested I have the testing done. I hesitated for a few months until I had the courage to get tested. Waiting for the results was the hardest part, so I can relate to Katie holding her breath waiting for her results. Thank God out of 47 genes associated with hereditary cancers they found no mutations.

Thanks to you and Katie for this podcast. Neal I appreciate all you do🙌

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